W:O:A Metal Battle 2016 – Introduction of the first five finalists!

05/10/2016 created by WackenHelge

In almost all countries around the world which are participating into the Metal Battle 2016 the first preliminaries and also some finals rounds have taken place. Today we want to introduce you to the first five winner bands!
Those bands won the finales in Iceland, Central America, Luxembourg, the Caribbean and the Faroe Islands.

Let’s begin with Iceland: Auðn from the small town of Hveragerði won the local finale with their dark melancholic black metal and will now proceed to the finale in Wacken!

This years winners of the Central America finale comes from Honduras. The local finale at the so called "Megametal Festival“ was won by Crows Crown. And Crows Crown means death metal at it’s finest!

With death metal or more precisely melodic death metal we can proceed in Luxembourg. The local final round there was dominated by Miles of Perdition who managed to beat all the competition.

With the Caribbean we have reached our newest member in the Metal Battle family. At the first ever final round of the Caribbean the band Lynchpin from Trinidad/Tobago won the Battle. With their awesome mixture consisting out of death core, groove metal and djent they convinced the local jury and will now be the first ever Caribbean ambassador of metal during the finale in Wacken!

Last but not least we close our introduction with the winner of the Faroe Islands. The band Svartmalm which was just recently founded and played their first ever live gig at the Metal Battle won the battle. Despite their small repertoire of songs the band splashed out, convinced the jury of their qualities and won against 10 competitors!

Congratulations to all five bands. We are looking forward to see you live on stage and welcome you to the international finale here in Wacken! See you in August!

The next Metal Battle dates are already around the corner:

Denmark - 14th May – Kolbing - Godset
Poland - 15th May - Torun - Lizard King
South Africa - 28th May – Gauteng - Rumors Lounge
Belgium - 28th May - Zingem - Volkskring
Austria - 29th May – Wien - Viper Room - Vienna
Caucasian Rep - 5th June – Tbilisi - Pavillon 5
Japan - 5th June - Shibuya/Tokyo - Shibuya Ruido K2
Canada - 11th June – Toronto - Opernhaus
Romania - 23th June - Sibiu

You can find the compete event calendar at www.metal-battle.com

So stay tuned. Further Metal Battle news and finalists will follow within the next days!

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