W:O:A Metal Battle 2017 prizes announced

07/29/2017 created by WackenHelge

An international jury will select 5 bands with a ranking from 1 to 5 out of all participating bands from the final round of the W:O:A Metal Battle 2017. Bands from all over the world are going to travel to Wacken next week to become one of the top five.

We are very happy to announce this year’s sponsors of the W:O:A Metal Battle that will giving some of their merch products to the winning bands.

1st place:
Markbass Standart 104HF
5000€ from the Wacken Foundation
Paiste Metal Ride 20
T Shirt Paiste Logo

2nd place:
Markbass Little Mark III 15th Anniversary
4000€ from the Wacken Foundation
Paiste Metal Crash 18 und Metal Crash 17
T Shirt Paiste

3rd place:
Markbass Compressore
3000€ from the Company Pohl-Boskamp
Paiste Alpha Serie Becken 14 Metal Edge Hihat
T Shirt Paiste

4th place:
Markbass Mark Stand
2000€ from the Wacken Foundation
Paiste Metal Splash 10
Paiste Hoodie

5th place:
Markbass Bass Keeper
1000€ from the Wacken Foundation
Paiste Hoodie
T-Shirt Paiste Logo

Pictures of the prizes can be found at www.metal-battle.com

Every winning band will receive an exclusive interview and portrait by the music magazine Deutsche Welle - PopXport on their website and channel which will be filmed at the WOA 2017. Every TV report will be broadcasted in German and English and will be provided to the bands for promotional use.

We wish every participating band good luck – see you in Wacken!

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