YOU are truly unbelievable - the best fans in the world!

07/30/2015 created by WackenJasper

Rain for days, sodden grounds, a very difficult arrival situation - but still the spirit is awesome!

Your reaction to all of this remains level-headed, you show understanding for the situation and follow directions and advice. You help each other out, and what‘s even better: you absolutely hang in there, refusing to give up!

The spirit of the Metal Community could be seen clearly throughout the last few days. All are taking care of each other, giving support when needed. Even fans and local residents offer places to sleep, dry spots in cars are shared among each other. You stick together - that‘s the true Metal spirit!

All together, we will master this situation. Stay strong, things will get better! Current forecasts predict a significant improvement in the afternoon.

#movetogether #hanginthere

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