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Specials at W:O:A 2019

Wacken Open Air has always been the place of choice for Special Shows of all varieties - bands celebrate their reunion or their farewell on the Holy Ground, they invite orchestras to join them or focus their entire set on specific records.

Our invitations to do something truly special is not limited to well-established bands. With the finale of our W:O:A Metal Battle we help promising newcomers on their first steps to the top.

In addition, we established themed days, uniting selected shows under one banner.

Special Shows at W:O:A 2019


Sad but true - the Thrash-Metal giants of Slayer are doing their farewell tour! But before they hang up their instruments completely, they will once again heat us up at the Wacken Open Air 2019. The very last German festival show of the band is waiting for you and since the band's last visit to Wacken was a real triumph, we expect another amazing show. Don't miss it!


20 years of Sabaton at our festival's 30st edition - this calls for a celebration! The Swedes are planning the biggest and most elaborate show ever. This special spectacle will be presented exclusively at Wacken Open Air.

Demons & Wizards

Demons & Wizards, the joint force of Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) and Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth), will play only one German festival in 2019 - and they chose Wacken Open Air! Chances are good the this exclusive show will not only consist of songs off the first two Demons & Wizards records, but also new material.


Body Count feat. Ice-T

Anno 2018, Ice motherfucking T and Body Count have lost none of their rage. Metal with a clear socio-critical edge has become far too rare nowadays. But luckily there is Body Count to keep calling a spade a spade. The band will play only two concerts in Germany in 2019 and the only open air show will be in Wacken.


Welcome back for a fourth time in Wacken! D-A-D do not only deliver timeless Hard-Rock-Hits such as „I Want What She’s Got“ or „Sleeping My Day Away“ but are always a sure bet for an outstanding performance. And they will even top their „normal“ performances with a special and exclusive show at W:O:A 2019. Simply put: This is first class entertainment that should not be missed!

Rage - XIII feat. Lingua Mortis Orchestra

In 1999, almost 20 years ago, Rage released their most successful album to date. 13 is it name and it is one of three orchestral albums Rage recorded. In 2019 Rage will dedicate a very special show to this album’s anniversary, together with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra of course! This show will only be performed once throughout Germany – at Wacken Open Air 2019.

W:O:A Metal Battle

There is no metal band contest is a better starting point for its participants: With our W:O:A Metal Battle we are looking for nothing less than the legends of tomorrow. The participating countries send their most promising newcomers to the grand finale in Wacken. For most of them the chance to play on our stages is reward enough, but of course we offer more!

In addition to glory and honour we have high-quality prices waiting for the bands who make it to the upper ranks. All of the musicians will have the chance to meet some of their inspirations, band managers, bookers, record labels and more experts on the metal business.

The success of this concept speaks for itself: Battle Beast, Hammercult or Auðn kickstarted their careers with the Metal Battle!