Dunderbeist & El Caco - Tour abgesagt

31.10.2013 Erstellt von WackenHelge

Die kurz bevorstehende Tour der norwegischen Metalbands Dunderbeist und El Caco musste leider kurzfristig abgesagt werden.

Hier das Statement der Band:
Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, the Serpent tour With Dunderbeist and El Caco in Germany and Denmark in November has been cancelled.

We are truly sorry about this, but the situation is now out of our hands, and there is nothing we can do to possibly make the announced tour happen at this point.

We hope that 2014 will look much brighter, and we definitely want to include Germany and Denmark in our future touring plans. And as soon as we know more about when and where we get to visit you again, we will let you know
Purchased tickets will of course be refunded from your vendor.

Peace, love, hugs and kisses
mit freundlichen Grüßen

Dunderbeist & El Caco


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