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New band confirmed...




Defending the Throne of Evil


Black Metal

Origin: Norway

Release date: 17 March 2003



CARPATHIAN FOREST needs no introduction. The cult status surrounding this band in the true black metal scene is amongst the highest. CARPATHIAN FOREST are one a few legends surviving in today?s scene that have stayed true to their origins and have not jumped onto the ?post black metal? bandwagon. The path, so many of their brethren have chosen.


ANNO 1990 ? CARPATHIAN FOREST was birthed when R. Nattefrost (aka Nosferatu) and J. Nordavind (aka Lord Karnstien) formed a grim alliance. The first demo ?BloodLust & Perversion? was unleashed in 1992, upon a world unsuspecting of such an evil dark force in metal. This grim cold, morbid sound would become their trademark. The band and demo were both acclaimed and revered by fans and critics alike. The underground legions arose, in their possession the key to the paths of darkness and evil.


A second key and a second path unfolded, with the release of the demo ?Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svarttjern? in 1993. These tracks offered a different approach and atmosphere, all the while attaining and expanding the true ethics of the band and their sound. True Black, True Darkness, Pure Cult.


CARPATHIAN FOREST once again reared its head in the year 1995 with the now classic ?Through Chasm Caves and Titan Woods? E.P. (Avantgarde Music). The E.P. sent a cold shiver through the spine of an awakening black metal scene, yet the forest laid in wait for a period of three years, before unleashing their first full scale attack ?Black Shining Leather? in 1998. Featuring the drumming of Lazare (Solefald), the band once again gained the praise from the underground scene and critics alike.


Stronger then ever, the band began writing new material. So much so, it saw release as a two record concept recorded at Sound Suite Studio. The first opus of perversion being ?Strange Old Brew? in 2000 and concluding with the aptly titled ?Morbid Fascination of Death? in 2001 (Both Avantgarde Music). The period of these recordings saw many changes within the structure of the band including the permanent addition of A. Kobro (In The Woods) on drums, Tchort (Emperor, Green Carnation) on guitar/bass with Vrangsinn on bass and synth. The albums also contain a few special treats like a cover of Mayhem?s ?Ghoul?, and new versions of the bands own classic?s ?Carpathian Forest? and ?The Last Sigh of Nostalgia?.


The band then embarked on a lengthy European tour in support of Behemoth, before entering a Norwegian studio in 2002 to record ?We Are Going To Hell For This ~ Over A Decade of Perversion?. The album contains new songs, cover songs, live tracks and demos and will be the last release for Avantgarde Music.


CARPATHIAN FOREST, now in alliance with Season of Mist, records the debut for the label at Sound Suite Studio during the summer of 2002. Titled ?Defending The Throne of Evil? it sees the light of day on March the 17th, 2003. ?Defending the Throne of Evil? will forever secure Carpathian Forest a seat high in the halls of hell !


Line up

R. Nattefrost: vocals / guitar

Vrangsinn: bass

Tchort: guitar

A. Kobro: drums