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The camping area at W:O:A

The largest part of Wacken Open Air area is occupied by the gigantic campground. You camp on agricultural areas, each with an own identification letter for better orientation. Also the ways on and between these camps have clear names.

The camping is included in the ticket price for W:O:A, this also applies to camping in mobile homes, caravans etc. If the ground conditions allow it, we park all vehicles so that you can camp right next to them.

The campsite is equipped with showers and toilets, which are also fully paid for by the entrance fee. There are therefore no additional fees! At the same time, the site can only be accessed or visited by people who have a valid ticket.

Further infrastructure includes signposts, light poles, breakfast tents, small supermarket tents and a few stalls for food and drinks. On the camping sites there is no limit for your own food and drinks!

The most important rules at the camping ground

Glass ban


Due to the risk of cuts, glass is prohibited in all camping areas!



Only persons with valid tickets are allowed to enter the area.

Food and drinks

There's no limit to the amount of food and drinks you can bring.

Power generators

Power generators need to be in a faultless state. Please be mindful of the other visitors!

Tents & pavilions

Sizes and amount have to be appropriate for the people using them. E.g. don't sleep alone in a tent for six persons!


You can camp at your vehicle! Vehicles over 7,5 tons have to be registered beforehand.

Special camping areas

There are some areas on the campsite that offer special amenities or are subject to slightly different rules.

  • Wheels Of Steel-Area: This course is close to the stage area and is kept free for handicapped metalheads and their companions. There are also some special services, like employees who can repair broken wheelchairs.
  • Camperpark Wacken: Parcels with electricity - organized by the Camperpark Wacken GbR. The area tends to be quieter and more family-friendly than others. 
  • Moshtel: Our container hotel, located close to the stage area. Since Wacken has no hotel, hostel or similar, we installed the the Moshtel to meet the desire of many fans for a solid accommodation directly in Wacken. 
  • Camping Only: Directly at the bus station lies the area, in which only may be camped without a vehicle. By eliminating the vehicles, it is relatively quiet, the typical large music systems are barely found here.
  • World Metal Camp: Together with our travel partners we are building a big camp for the campers who arrive without a vehicle. The focus is on the international exchange between visitors.
  • Full Metal Army Camp: Each year, our fan club organizes a large shared camp with party tent, power outlets and many other amenities. 


Chargeable Additional Services

Various providers offer chargeable additional services at Wacken Open Air. 

  • Rental tents: Mein Zelt Steht Schon, Zeltheld and Camper-Park Wacken offer small and big tents for you to rent.
  • Cabins and rentable caravans: If you prefer your accomodation to be a little bit more sturdy, you should take a look at the service of Camper-Park Wacken.
  • Plots with electrical connection : Camper-Park Wacken offers a limited amount of plots with electrical connection.
  • Moshtel: The container hotel "Moshtel" is located in direct vicinity of the stage area, you can book a stay here through Camper-Park Wacken.
  • Rental toilets: Due to the high demand, we raffle the option to rent one of our 200 "Metal Mobile WCs" for private use. Application is expected to start in June..