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Created by Wacken-Helge

Confiscated items

The following objects must be confiscated or the visitors can deposit in the mobile-safe deposit box with costs (Only the entrance to the festival area i.e. entrance to the Infield - stage area and not camping parking area):


1. Knife and objects similar to knife (nail files, screwdrivers, brass knuckles etc.)

2. Any forms of glass containers (also perfume bottles)

3. Plastic bottles and canisters (attention: festival WOA cup are permitted and there is in dimensions of 0.3 to 1 liters!)

4. Any forms of boxes (cans, hair spray, deodorant, etc.)

5. CS gas, pepper spray

6. Videocameras

(Attention: any photo cameras and also Digikameras are permitted!)

7. Walkman, cassette recorders etc.

8. Rivet bracelets, rivet neckbands and belts with high standing rivets (longer than 1.5 cms = killer rivets)

9. Chains (bicycle or motorcycle chains or similar. attention: moneybag chains and ammo belts are permitted!)

10. flagpole and staves (attention: only WOA flags with poles are permitted!)

11. Any form of pyrotechnic-objects (sparklers etc.)

12. PET bottles


Food and Tetrapacks to 2 l (only alcohol-free!!) are permitted!!!!