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Created by Wacken-Helge

Finntroll "Blodsvept" Raffle - The Winners

Here are the winners of our Finntroll "Blodsvept" Raffle, which ended last week (all info can be found HERE). These people will each get one out of six limited artworks which were illustrated by Finntroll guitarist "Skrymer" and are signed by the whole band!


The winners are:

Andears B. from Idar-Oberstein

Lars H. from Panketal

Alina S. from Escheburg

Ida S. from Lyngby (DK)

Marc R. from Neubulach


All winners will get also get a winner confirmation via e-mail!


We wish all winners a lot of fun with their prices and thank everyone for the huge participation!


Everything else about Finntroll at: