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New Band Confirmed: EIDOLON



The band EIDOLON dates back to 1993 - when guitarist Glen Drover and drummer Shawn Drover made the decision to start up a recording studio and concentrate on musical recordings.


At the time, EIDOLON was a neo-metal instrumental band writing non-vocalized recordings - and, although it proved to be a challenge, it was soon realized that a real band needed to be formed in order to make the true musical statement they wanted to make. So, after several studio upgrades (which to this day never ends!) attempts were made to find band members to complete EIDOLON and record the first album "Zero Hour".


1996 saw the release of "Zero Hour" which, at the time, featured the following band members:

Glen Drover ? guitars, Shawn Drover ? drums, Brian Soulard ? vocals, Criss Bailey ? bass, Slav Siminic - guitars


"Zero Hour? was released on EIDOLON's own label and through different forms of distribution, was released in Canada, America, Japan, Australia and parts of Europe. The record received great reviews in many magazines in the above mentioned countries through various rock magazines, etc. Though happy with the reception ?Zero Hour? received, the band parted ways with guitarist Slav Siminic.


Now a 4 piece band, EIDOLON would soon start writing and recording what would soon be their 1st full concept record - 1997 saw the release of "Seven Spirits?. Making ?Seven Spirits? was a good learning experience for the band, and an experience that they once again do in the future. Not long after the record was released, bass player Criss Bailey would leave the band to pursue other musical endeavours, but still remains in close contact with the band.


Now EIDOLON needed a new bass player, but this would not be a huge problem, as singer Brian Soulard's old band-mate Adrian Robichaud was also looking for a band. Now in tact again, EIDOLON would start writing and recording their 3rd release, ?Nightmare World?. While recording the album, it was clear to the band that their plan of attack had to be different. Not content on releasing the new record themselves, and wanting to reach more people, the band decided to look out for a bigger label with larger distribution. Metal Blade had expressed interest in EIDOLON since ?Zero Hour? ? and so the deal was done with them.


The year 2000 would see the first worldwide release of EIDOLON, ?Nightmare World? and the reviews have been great! The band has done countless interviews throughout the world - and all reviews have been quite favourable and positive! ?Nightmare World? is so far, the best representation of the balancing act between power and aggression, mixed with melodic passages. A journey which the band will continue to take - as EIDOLON truly believes that there are no rules in making good music!


Opting not to tour for ?Nightmare World?, EIDOLON returned to the recording studio to prepare what would be 2001 ?Hallowed Apparition?, their 2nd Metal Blade release! The record was a more direct, total Heavy Metal assault - thus, keyboards were nullified and acoustics were kept to a bare minimum, for no reason other than to do something different tan what was done previously. Hallowed Apparition? received great reviews throughout Europe, and the band got an invite to play one of the biggest festivals in Europe - Germany's Bang Your Head festival! Sharing the stage with the likes of Judas Priest, Megadeth, Stratovarius and many others, it was a great experience for the band! Upon returning from Europe, singer Brian Soulard was asked to leave the band, due to musical reasons.


EIDOLON began writing their next record while simultaneously seeking a new singer/frontman to fill the vacant vocal slot. After several entries from around the world, EIDOLON announced Pat Mulock as their new vocalist! Wasting no time, Pat joined EIDOLON in the recording studio to supply his talents to which has now become 2002, ?Coma Nation?! This record is by far, the most varied in style, while staying within the boundaries of heavy metal. From speed metal, to epic style material, to slow sludge metal, keyboards and acoustics were brought back to enhance the music created on their latest slab of molten metal!


Released on the 3rd of June, 2002, ?Coma Nation? takes no prisoners in its relentless metal assault! Be prepared, the COMA NATION is near!!!