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Created by WackenNick

Full:Metal:Army – started at W:O:A 2011

The 22nd Wacken Open Air is over and also the Full Metal Army has started ably.

At this year´s festival the official fanclub of Wacken Open Air starts with a booth at Wacken infield.

Within the first day we had received round about 100 declarations of application. After the festival days they had grown to more than 240.


This was a great start for the Full:Metal:Army!

Until the end of the year you can join the F:M:A for free. During this period you can check out the services and structures of the F:M:A.


More information about the fanclub, the services and all plans which should be realized until the end of the year you can find at our homepage www.full-metal-army.com.


Become a part of the F:M:A community and join the taster membership now!

Here you´ll find the declaration of application.


If there are any further questions feel free to contact us:




Join the F:M:A!


Your F:M:A-Team