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Created by Wacken-Martin


Dear Metalheads,

we would like to tell you the reason why you only can travel (unofficially) to the camping grounds from now.


First we?re lucky that you all can identify yourself with the Wacken Open Air. Thanx for travelling to Wacken but we also have official editions which we can´t ignore, so...


YOU are too early!


According to our opening hours, camping is permitted only from Wednesday. We can´t finish the event a week earlier because the the logistics like the toilets, the showers, the complete care, the First Aid, Security must be finished. Also the Wackener will be disturbed (and have no vacation!). How should this function?? Who should pay this?? There will be grumbling again when the showers are not opened and so on! Also on the ticket you can read: > from Wednesday, 30/07/03


Some people speak from the customary law - sorry - but that´s Bullshit. If you want to go watch a band at a concert and they open the doors at 18.00 o'clock, you can?t get in at 14.00 o?clock. Nevertheless, we have communicated everything long enough before.


And the people who already are travelled to Wacken have reserved their areas - so they have their place save to Wednesday.


The areas will be filled up like this: B, C and D up to O. That means that the reserved areas will be only free from Wednesday - as announced. Who?s already in Wacken will go on B ? and can not change later any more, because otherwise, we never can fill up the areas reasonably.


The people, who will arrive on Tuesday evening, will get their place. We will also find a solution for the people who are arriving on Monday, but we don?t think it?s fair to grumble us because we do not allow camping. We can?t allowed camping!!

We can extend a festival of 3 days up to one week - this does not function!!


The campsite fee for Monday and Tuesday is 30,- ? (for one vehicle) because we have to do more work to get everything finish.


We ask for understanding. Also for our 15-years anniversary next year, we want no stress with the people from Wacken, authorities and so on.


We wish you all a great party in Wacken.



W:O:A Team