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13 new bands confirmed for W:O:A 2014!

The Hamburg Metal Dayz are on and as promised we don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer – here is the next big band package!

We start with 2 last minute announcements we have arranged for you:


Heaven Shall Burn

This band from Thüringen does not only in Germany belong to one of the most successful metalcore bands of the present. With early records like “Whatever It May Take”, “Antigone” but also with the so called “Iconclast” trilogy and their latest output “Veto” they gained a huge fan base all around the world and are known for their heavy brutal shows. For the 25th Anniversary they will not be missed and will once again destroy the holy ground. Be prepared!



Their appearance is a guarantee for fun! Their last W:O:A appearance of the German cult comedy metal band was in 2009. Enough reason to let the pink army faction again into the Holy Ground once again!


Devin Townsend Project

Devin Townsend is back! The musical genius was playing at Wacken only once before – about 16 years ago – and now he will return to perform at the W:O:A anniversary.

Next to his solo projects he was also the head of famous band Strapping Young Lad and overall he has released 20 studio albums by now. It’s hard to classify the music genre because of this mass of releases, but the most obvious style seems to be progressive metal .



Besides the already confirmed Kreator we can now announce the next Thrash Metal legend for the Anniversary!

Tom Angelripper and his Thrash-Metal comrades have just released their newest album "Epitome Of Torture" and will for sure break some necks at the upcoming W:O:A.


Onkel Tom

Tom Angelripper again. Besides his live appearance with Sodom he also won´t miss the Anniversary with his solo band "Onkel Tom".

That means party mood is preprogrammed!!!



In the last decade a lot has happened with the polish death metal band Decapitated and not many other bands would have been able to bring up the strength to proceed after the strokes of fate the band has suffered. But that´s history and the polish death metal spearhead is more than ready to return once again to Wacken and blow the audience away!


For The Imperium

Let´s proceed with a Wacken debutant. To describe the style of this band from Finland is not easy. The sound of this band is combining progressive, alternative and avant-garde elements in a really refreshing way. They already gained a lot of fame in their home country Finland and are now ready to conquer the rest of Europe and world!


The Ocean

Another Wacken debutant. The band was originally founded in Berlin but due to the origin of most of the current band members they are now situated in Switzerland.

Since their founding their sound changed as often as their line-up and their style is currently settled somewhere between Mastodon and Deftones with a creativity that is hard to compare to other bands. Check them out!



The German black metal battleship Endstille returns to Wacken Open Air in 2014 and before they will release the new album Kapitulation 2013. Get ready for war!



Torment is without any doubt one of the pioneers of German thrash metal scene and in 2014 they will celebrate their 30th Anniversary. The band furthermore belongs to the Wacken pioneers too: They played their first W:O:A show back in 1993.



German power metal band Masterplan returns to Wacken after 10 years of abstinence. Shortly before they will release their fifth studio album “Novum Initium”!



Germany’s most band in the world is back! What? Yeah, exactly! The fun metal band will return to W:O:A in 2014 and we’re looking forward to hilarious piggy-back pogo pits and the world’s greatest mass handstand.


A Pale Horse Named Death

A Pale Horse Named Death plays music which fits in the gap between Type O Negative and Alice in Chains and in 2013 they released their second album. This classification isn’t a coincidence, the band consists of metal veterans and some of them also played at Type O Negative itself. And in 2014 it will be finally time for the big one: For W:O:A!


Check out Billing/Bands for more information!


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The next huge wave of bands as well as some surprises in our billing will be announced at Advent season as usual. Stay tuned!