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The village of Wacken - Welcome To Heavy Metal Town!

Not only at the festival area but also in the village Wacken itself there is a lot to discover.  On this page we give you a little Walkthrough Guide of the village and show you all points of interest. 


The Bus Shuttle Station

For all of those who don't arrive with their own vehicle but with public transport the Bus Shuttle station will be the first and last part of their W:O:A stay. But that´s not all! The gates at the Bus Shuttle station are your entrance to the campground / festival area and back. So there is no getting around the bus shuttle station if you want to explore the village. And that´s exactly the reason why we start our guide here. 

From Tuesday to Saturday there are also the so-called W:O:A Pool Shuttles, which offer you a transport to the shopping area in Wacken, the swimming pool and back again.

W:O:A Info Office & Merchandise Store

It takes only a few steps from the bus shuttle station to the next point of interest in our walkthrough. The W:O:A Info Office is the festivals key point beyond the official event and camping area. After the festival time it also serves as local merchandise store.

Here you can find official mechandise, mobile phone rechargers, ATMs and a lost property office which is collecting all the lost & found objects which were found during the festival time. Later those objects will be forwarded to the official lost property office in Schenefeld. 

The W:O:A Info Office will open it's doors 24/7 during the festival week. Our staff on site is always happy to help and advice!

Main Street (Hauptstraße) and Shopping Possibilities

While you are venturing deeper into the village you will find dozens of stands, tents and booths alongside the whole main street with locals and pedlars offering everything to provide your sustenance. Whether it be beer and bratwurst or soft drinks and self-made jam - here you'll find everything. Trust us, you won't starve on your journey into the village! 

Further you will pass the Duhorn Pharmacy where you can buy meds like Aspirin or antiallergenics. If you get in contact with the pharmacy before the festival you can also order special meds like insulin. 

If you plan to explore the village Wacken during the festival time but have to worry about some food and drinks due to gluten intolerance than you should worry no more! You can get gluten free food at the Hangover Wacken! The team at the Hangover Wacken prepares fresh gluten free food and also drinks daily and on demand. 

The next point you should visit is the official W:O:A Outletstore. In addition to this year's merchandise collection you can buy lots of odds and rarities for special discount prices. Just take a look! 

If you like the cozy atmosphere of a beer garden you should make a stopover at the Gasthof zur Post. Oy course, you can get fresh drawn beer you´ll also get a good dish à la carte if you like. 

If you need money there are two banks lying on your way to the supermarkets which are the Volksbank (Hauptstraße 23) and Sparkasse (Schenefelder Str. 1) at the crossraod leading to Vaale and Schenefeld. In case you have forgotten you chain mail and Viking helmet at home than we can recommend the Battle-Merchant. Here you will find everything what your medieval and LARP heart desires! 

Last but not least you can do a final stopover at the Wacken Cafe. There you can chill out and buy and drink original Wacken Coffee as well as a fitting piece of cake. 

And if you don´t want to walk the whole way there and back again by foot you can use one of our convenient W:O:A Pool Shuttles which are offering daily tours from Tuesday on until Saturday.

Wackens Outdoor Swimming Bath

Last but not least we want to introduce Wacken´s public swimming pool. If you need a cool down before or after the hard festival day, this is the place you should find what you need - a jump into cool clear water! 

And the party goes on - don´t be surprised if a polonaise led by the guys of Blass of Glory will pass by!

On your way back to the festival area you can use the W:O:A Pool Shuttles

The busses will also do stopovers at the town center and supermarkets on their way back. So if you prefer to go shopping after your swimming bath visit, this is your chance! 

The whole bus tour will only cost 1 euro!