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Live at Wacken Open Air

To enumerate all the legendary concerts and moments at the W:O:A would take a lot of time - luckily we recorded most of them! Our own release series starts in 2002, the first release of a band even goes back to the year 1998. Hypocrisy recorded their show, to publish it as a live album in 1999.

Many legendary bands such as Judas Priest, Slayer, Twisted Sister, Status Quo, Heaven & Hell, Motorhead, Immortal or Emperor have since used the Wacken Open Air for a live album - and the list is growing year by year. Added to our own releases, this results in a gigantic archive of audio and video recordings.

Releases on BluRay, DVD & CD

JahrReleaseHier kaufen
2003Armageddon Over Wacken
2004Armageddon Over Wacken
2005Armageddon Over Wacken
2006Live at Wacken
2007Live at Wacken
2008Live at Wacken
2009Live at Wacken
2010Live at Wacken
2011Live at Wacken
2012Live at Wacken
2013Live at Wacken
2014Live at Wacken
2015Live at Wacken
2016Live at Wacken
2017Live at Wacken