20. WACKEN OPEN AIR 2009 ! Anniversary festival ! Finally - ADVANCE BOOKING has started | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Helge

20. WACKEN OPEN AIR 2009 ! Anniversary festival ! Finally - ADVANCE BOOKING has started

Dear Metalheads,


only 4 weeks have passed since the end of the W:O:A which surely will remain in our and your memories for a long time.


The improvements for eg the entrance/exit are already in planning. And for all who are worrying about the festival > the festival will not become any larger and grow further; rather smaller (the limit has been reached) - but much better and cooler


and as always… FASTER – HARDER - LOUDER!


Generally we will stick to our principles - if we announce SOLD OUT then it really means sold out. This is why we are not planning any one day tickets for 2009 either. Please make sure to get your tickets in time by advance booking.


The limited X-Mas tickets for the W:O:A 2009 were completey sold out within 24 hours. As we now know 90% which bands will be available for 2009 we are starting the pre-sale for the "normal" W:O:A 2009 3-day "ALL IN" tickets. Thanx for your fab support.


We will present the first TOP acts for the BEST OF WACKEN programme some time next week and will keep you up to date with further improvements/changes to the festival 2009 in our News.


The first 5,000 to order will receive a limited CD!


You can order tickets from Metaltix ( Ticketlink ) , +49 (0)4627-18 38 38


for EUR 120,- plus advance booking fee EUR 10,00 (don't pay more at any ticket agencies!) + postage.


This includes eg:


> free parking (for any vehicle like car, motorbike, camper van or caravan)

> free camping - right next to the vehicle for the W:O:A feeling (if the weather conditions are good enough).

> like always there are no limits as to how many drinks or how much food you may take to the parking and camping grounds

> only lawn, direct paths to the festival grounds (if the weather conditions are good enough)

> shuttle to the Wacken and Schenefeld swimming pools.

> rubbish will be collected and disposed of free of charge by us - no fee for you

> festival stickers

> free CD

> diverse top quality surprises = Full Metal Bag

> and much more......