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Created by Wacken-Helge

Additional news regarding security at W:O:A

Dear Metalheads


security advice concerning the festival terrain at W:O:A 2009 as follows:

The following item will either be confiscated or can be deposited in a lock box container, liable for costs


1. knifes an related objects ( nail files, screw drivers, tail combs and knuckledusters etc.)

2. any kind of glas container (perfume bottles too)

3. plastic bottles and canister (attention: W:O:A festival cups are permitted and available the size of 0,3 –1,00 litre. NO drinking horns allowed.

4. any kind of can including beverage can, hairspray, deodorant, etc)

5. CS.Gas, pepper spray

6. video cameras (Attention: any kind of photo cameras as well as digital cameras are allowed!)

7. Walkman, cassette recorder etc.

8. rivet bracelets, belts with sharpened rivets longer than 1,5cm

9. bicycle chains, motorcycle chains or the like (attention: chains attached to wallets are permitted!)

10. sticks and flagpoles (attention: only WOA-flags with sticks are allowed)

11. any kind of pyrotechnical material/items (sparklers among others)

12. PET bottles

13. cartridge belts


Dishes and tetrapack until 1 litre (only nonalcoholic) are permitted!!!

If you have additional questions don´t hesitate to contact us .

Security office: Phone: 04827 –9990 66 16


Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that you are going to be a peaceful and friendly audience, seriously. In case of any conflict please refer to the responsible group leader or on-scene commander (red shirt), respectively the headsecurity (blue shirt).


For additional information please refer to the festival-ABC.



W:O:A Team & -Security (Metal Guards)