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Created by Wacken-Martin


Dear Metalheads,


the bad news: The Onkelz won´t play more concerts in the future!


The good one: In Wacken they will give their very best once again!!!!!! As a little special we make a lottery:


The following special BO-merchandise we got to make the lottery:


1x shirt with short arms "Gehasst, verdammt, vergöttert"

1x PinUp shirt black

1x Rocker t-shirt red

1x Mustang shirt

1x sports jacket - girlie style


This is the question you´ve got to answer if you want to win a price:


At which Open Air the Onkelz will gibe an exclusive show?


Send your answer, your name and your address to and perhaps you win one of the prices!


Last date to answer: The 6th of June 2004. The winners will presented on the 07th of June 2004!!


All players have the same chance to win. You have to give the answer to get the chance to win. You can only play by mail. If one sender write more than one mail he can´t win anymore!!!


Your W:O:A Team