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Announcement by W:O:A traffic management regarding W:O:A 2010

As you had done last year you planned this year's arrival foresightfully, achieving a relaxed transport scene. Thank you very much for beeing cooperative!


Now we would like to give some practical hints for your departure in preparation:



- Only drive alert and completely sober. There will be police checks around Wacken.


- Choose, if possible, a departure time out of the peak hours - we suggest the early morning hours of the Sunday before main traffic begins.


- Drive around, not through, muddy spots on the ground. If you see notable tire marks in front of your car, please drive off-centre to avoid sinking in these marks.


- Follow the instructions given by the stewards, traffic control and police - they know best how to help you get to the main roads.


- In case of car trouble you find the breakdown service employees of the ADAC on the grounds, just ask them for help.


- Should you be supposed to get picked up, please tell your drivers it's not possible to drive onto the camping ground. Please use the Kiss N Ride Spots (Mühlenweg, Wacken and Dorfstraße, Gribbohm).




Should you travel by bus, shuttle bus & train or taxi:


* Shuttle buses leave for Itzehoe regularly from Saturday to Sunday afternoon (14:00 / 2 pm last ride).


* For the shuttle bus have your ticket ready to show.


* At the exit of Camping A please look out for the signs: left to the shuttle, right to the Buses and taxis.


* Listen and pay attention to the announcements at the bus stop - there may be significant changes!


* Arrange enough extra time for your way back.


* Bus tickets to Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen and Lübeck can be bought Saturday from 12:00 to 15:00 (3 pm) at our Bus Stop.


* Please use official Wacken-Taxi only - look out for white Wacken sticker on windshield - and ask for the officially fixed base fees as publicized (blue info sticker inside of taxi).


Arrive home well and safe!


Your Wacken Open Air traffic team