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Armageddon Music bands playing in Wacken

Hi Metalheadz,


Armageddon Music has taken the challenge of bringing through newcomer bands into the market and aiding the established bands in strengthening their place in the scene. With this in mind and with the Cooperation of the Wacken Open Air organisers, it's been arranged so that on Friday, 05.08.2005 the WET Stage at the festival will become the Armageddon tent and stage. An Armageddon stand together with Metaltix will be set up to sell the aktual products from all the bands and will present you with autograph cards, flyers and other gimmicks. Naturally a meet and greet with the musicians is also planned. Bands are also invited to give their demos to us at the Armgeddon Stand and also have a chat with our label managers and A&R people.


Alongside last year's Wacken Metal Battle winners (national) Reckless Tide, who've been busy over the last few months giving their live presence a massive boost, the international winners Vanguard will also be conquering the stage and presenting their debut album.


Also appearing on stage are Contradiction and Suidakra, these two established newcomers have been doing their stuff in the underground for quite a few years and have deservedly been able to release their latest work worldwide through Armageddon Music. Those who saw Contradiction on their just finished tour with Overkill, will know what a powerful live act they are. Suidakra were also able to prove their quality and potential on the Wacken Roadshow tour alongside their label collegues Holy Moses.


Saeko will be playing her first major gig with her own band. Following her shows with Doro, where Saeko performed with an orchestra, for Wacken Open Air she'll be packing the elektric guitars and delivering a Japanese firework to the stage. Saeko, along with her band of musicians from her home country of Japan, will prove that the women of metal are not all just groupies.


Goddess Of Desire - Our Dutch metal heroes in the model of Spinal Tap also have a new CD to present to the masses - 80's outfits, 80's metal, 80's show… now there's loads for the eyes and the ears!


You can love 'em or hate 'em - The critics praise them in the highest form or rip them to pieces - Metalium - the True Metal emblem of Armageddon Music with the excellent singer Henning round of the Armageddon tent package. With a new album, - Chapter V "Demons Of Insanity" which is already being given heavy respect from the international scene.


A further Armageddon surprise act out of the category newcomer will be announced in the next few days.


Also out of the Armageddon camp, the cult-Thrashers Holy Moses based around the vocal-Beast Sabina Classen will be appearing on the Party Stage. "Strength - Power - Will - Passion" is the title of the new album and the programm from Holy Moses. Those who've seen the band live will know what a power package they'll be delivering to the party stage, Thrash straight from hell. Sabina is the unofficial Thrash-growl Queen and with her mix of Thrash/Death combined with the right touch of melody they'll be playing a highlight set whereby the fans have voted for the songs on the homepage. This means if you want a say in which songs will be played, visit and vote for your favourites and play a role in choosing the setlist that Holy Moses will perform at Wacken 2005.



The following bands will be performing on Friday, 5.8. - 45 minutes showtime - all on the Wetstage - Armageddon Tent



Vanguard - 15:20 - 16:05


Metalium - 20:00 - 20:45


Contradiction - 02:15 - 03:00


Suidakra - 16:30 - 17:15


Goddess Of Desire - Saturday 02:00 - 02:45


Saeko - 18:50 - 19:35


Reckless Tide - 22:45 - 23:30



Holy Moses Saturday, 06.08. - 16.25 - 17:25 Partystage