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Created by WackenHelge

Circle Pits and Wall of Death

Dear visitors,


This years ban of Circle Pits and Walls of Death lead to discussions in our blogs. We´d like to explain the situation and ask you for your thoughts:


As everybody already knows there are several security meetings each day during the festival. Beneath the organizers themselves the head of town clerk´s office, Mr. Gerhard Tolksdorf, the police, rescue services, red cross and security are involved. During these meetings the security situation is checked permanently. This year most of the involved parties decided to ban Circle Pits and Walls of Death because of security reasons and the high risk of injury. This is not a decision the organizers can decide on their own.


Since W:O:A´s beginning it is a festival from fans for fans. And your voice counts because you make the festival to what it is.


In october 2010 there will be the first security meetings regarding the situation in 2011. And of course we want to bring-in the thoughts and wishes of our festival visitors.


That´s why there will be a survey uploaded in the near future regarding this subject. We´d like to ask you to take part so we can have an overview of what our visitors thoughts are. Then we will try to bring forward your arguments in these meetings. That´s why it will last some days until the survey will be online because it´s not only a question of yes or no. To have a well-based discussion we have to have arguments in these security meetings and therefore the survey has to be detailled.


Furthermore we´d like to ask you to take part at the discussions in our forum. The more arguments we get the better. F.e.: “No one will be involved in a wall of death or circle pit that doesn´t want to be involved because they do not start promptly”, or “I want them to be banned because I don´t have the possibility to watch the concert from a certain place because I have to move all the times for avoiding circle pits or walls of death. “


We´re looking forward to get an immense feedback.



Wacken - organisers