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D-A-D – Music video finished / press is celebrating the new album / tour dates

After the announcement of the album title „DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK“ – the first music video for the new album, titled “I Want What She´s Got”, is finished.

A must see for every fan! Everyone who ever wanted to see D-A-D in women clothes will get their redemption!


Now the time has finally come! Watch the new video „I Want What She´s Got“ online!


Also the trade press was full of praise for the new album and it comes to clarity that the 4 sympathic guys from Denmark have created a milestone of rock history!


Here are some quotes:

* METAL HAMMER: Soundcheck Platz 3 + ROCK HARD Soundcheck Platz 3


* GUITAR:„Geschmackvoll abgehangene Rock-Riffs, ein Sack voller Topliga - Hooks ergeben elf neue D-A-D-Songs,

die allesamt auf diesem Niveau keine andere Band in Europa schreiben kann.“ ALBUM DES MONATS!


* ROCKS:"Stärker und besser haben D-A-D lange nicht gerockt1" 5.0/6.0


* ROCK HARD:"Mit „DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ED.ARK“ gelingt der Band ein echter Befreiungsschlag, sprich die Rückkehr zu früheren Großtaten, was sich vor allem am extrem facettenreichen Songwriting der Band festmachen lässt." 8,5/10




VÖ: 11.11.2011


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On 11/11 - 2011 the 11th studio-album of Danmark´s D-A-D will hit the

shelves. And as devoted followers and media experts alike already looking

forward in anticipation, one also ponders the question what in the name of

Plato´s naked ass the cryptic album title might mean:

DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK. Hello? Sorry we can´t unriddle this riddle for you, but we can riddle with you and thus would like to call out to you all, to find a possibly funny and extraordinary explanation for this title

and mail it to us. And yes, of course, there is something to be won,

something very special in fact. The two winners sending in the best

answers will not only get their free t-shirt and free album but also free

admission for all shows of D-A-D´s European Tour (outside Scandinvia). How

about that? Well why don´t you sit down, pin your ideas on paper and send

them to Till@3R-entertainment.de Oh, and don´t forget, not the most

scientific or sophisticated answers will win, but the ones displaying the

most fantasy are the ones, cleaning up. Deadline will be the 10th of

November 2011.


In February the band will hit the road again and rock the European clubs during their “Fast on Wheels 2012” tour!


„Fast On Wheels 2011“

05.02.2012 GER Frankfurt Batschkapp

06.02.2012 GER Nürnberg Hirsch

07.02.2012 GER Stuttgart Röhre

08.02.2012 GER Berlin Postbahnhof

09.02.2012 GER Osnabrück Lagerhalle

10.02.2012 GER Hannover Musikzentrum

11.02.2012 GER Bochum Zeche

12.02.2012 GER Köln Underground

16.02.2012 GER München Backstage

17.02.2012 GER Schweinfurt Stattbahnhof

18.02.2012 CZE Zlin Masters of Rock cafe

20.02.2012 HUN Budapest Club 202

24.02.2012 ITA Novara Rock 'n' Roll Arena

25.02.2012 ITA Ravenna Rock Planet

26.02.2012 SWI Pratteln Galery

27.02.2012 GER Saarbrücken Garage

29.02.2012 GBR London Underworld

01.03.2012 FRA Savigny le Temple L'Empreinte

02.03.2012 NED Kerkrade Rock Tempel

03.03.2012 GER Hamburg Markthalle


Tickets for all German shows at metaltix.com

Ticket-Hotline: +49 (0) 4627 - 18 38 0