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Created by WackenHelge

Derrick Green Fans watch out!

Did you ever wanted to know what Derrick Green’s best-loved CD was? Where his favourite concert was? Or which ice cream he likes most?




You can ask him the THREE QUESTIONS always bugging you and he will answer them – if you are creative enough to make him want to answer them.


The strangest, funniest and most interesting questions will be sent to Derrick. He will mention the winner, read and answer the questions in a video which will be spread all around the web. But that’s not all:


Being the winner you will get a VIP ticket for a MUSICA DIABLO show of your choice incl. a special Meet&Greet with Derrick Green, and a band shirt! Just check the tour dates.

If you are ill or prevented for any other reasons and cannot come to a show, you won’t lose: you will get a band shirt and the brand new MUSICA DIABLO album!


Tell us what interests you most via email to and tell us your full name, your address and the show you want to go to until Friday, April 16th at 12 pm (UTC+1). Good luck!