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Created by Wacken-Yong


Dear Metalheads,

dear partners,

dear friends,


Yesterday in our news we published , that there was a tragical road accident in Wacken.


A 37 year old metalfan from the North of Germany died tragically. He was father of 4 children. One of the children had his birthday on this fatal day. His wife was decorating the house for the party,when the police officers had to deliver these sad news to the family in the morning


No more words - we all have to help quickly!!


That´s why we opened a donation account in cooperation with the department in Schenefeld and the community of Wacken:


Account holder: Amtskasse Schenefeld

Bank connection: Landsparkasse Schenefeld/Holstein

Bank code: 222 515 80

Account number: 20 000 333

Reason for payment: Spende - Metalhead


We are urgently asking for your help. Thank you very much in advance.


We the W:O:A Team will give 5.000,- € to get the fundraising campaign started quickly.



W:O:A Team