„Ein Dorf sieht schwarz“ – Wacken 2011 at german television | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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„Ein Dorf sieht schwarz“ – Wacken 2011 at german television

At the night from the 8th to the 9th of December the German broadcaster NDR television will show a ninety minutes lasting W:O:A special.

The original Wacken report which was broadcasted in august had a duration of 4 hours. For all those who either couldn´t be at this year´s W:O:A or again want to see all highlights, this summary is just perfect . 90 minutes - all about the festival – music, reports and interviews. The broadcast will start at 02.30 am.


A MUST SEE - not only for night owls!


The W:O:A special will be also available via onlinestream (NO geo blocking). Please find all information at www.ndr.de/wacken


Broadcasting date


2:30 am - 90 minutes duration


Wacken - Ein Dorf sieht schwarz (Wacken - a village sees black)

Heavy metal spectacle on the green field


Program info NDR:

The biggest heavy metal festival invites the whole world to Wacken – action hungry people and fans are present! Long nights on the meadows of the little village in Schleswig-Holstein, music for experts and music-lovers, Episodes about ten thousand metal fans meeting a few hundred villagers, stories from the camping ground, views behind the curtain and backstage impressions – this and more is part of the documentation from the 2nd September 2011. Bands like “Motörhead” or “Apocalyptica” meet colleagues like “Blind Guardian” or “Heaven Shall Burn”. Promoters and security forces are in action for 24/7, business is booming all around the festival area, illustrious people are presenting their tattoos and clothes, in the morning people are taking a refreshing bath at the outdoor swimming pool – you see there is a lot to discover. NDR Televison presents a mixture of music, adventure, sociability and encounters. Highlights of culture and life pleasure of a memorable weekend are compressed into a ninety minutes lasting Show!