Famous W:O:A Beer!!!! | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Kai

Famous W:O:A Beer!!!!

!!!!Cult beer at W:O:A!!!!!


Dear Metalheads,


Because of last year's huge success, we are proud to announce that this year the Northern German Beer manufacture "FLENSBURGER" will be our partner in creating the famous W:O:A Beer.


The Cult FLENS at the Cult Village!


Now available for order:


Exclusive limited fresh cold WACKEN FLASCHBIER 0,5l with Kult Plopp Bügelverschluss available for 16€ per 16 bottle box +8,00€ deposit


Order at: flaschbier@wacken.com


Payment directly at EDEKAMARKT JENSEN (Ex Sparmarkt) at Wacken.


Available only as long as stock lasts!



Wacken Team