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Created by WackenHelge

Fendt engine bonnet in W:O:A 2012 design changes hands

On Monday, 21st January 2013 the handing over of the Fendt engine bonnet took place at the agricultural technology company Mengel in Vaale. Fendt has made the bonnet available to the organisers of the Wacken Open Air and at the last W:O:A the airbrush artist Wolfgang Zeh styled the bonnet with the W:O:A 2012 design. Celebrities like Detlev Buck and Markus Kavka as well as bands like Betontod, Endstille, Sactuary und Oomph! signed the bonnet.


The bonnet has been bought now by Roland Kartmann from the company Wotech from Wolnzach in Bavaria. He drove the long way up to the north and picked up the bonnet in person. He himself and his company are not laymen regarding the topic agricultural technology as they take part in the development of components and modules for tractors from Fendt. The engine bonnet will now be admired in Wolnzach in an exhibition room of the company Wotech.


Respectively € 1,500 goes to the kindergartens Vaale and Wacken, € 300 goes to the Wacken Foundation. Both kindergartens will use the money to make a summer trip. The Wacken Foundation will use the donation to keep on supporting metal bands and artists. More information can be found on www.wacken-foundation.com.


The Wacken Foundation and the kindergartens from Vaale and Wacken thank the company Fendt and the organisers of the Wacken Open Air and wishes Mr. Kartmann a lot of pleasure with the engine bonnet.


[Translate to english:] - hintere Reihe, v. l. n. r.: Uwe Stief (Regionalvertriebsleiter Fendt Nord), Peter Schulz und Roland Kartmann von der Firma Wotech GmbH, Linda Mengel, Dirk Mengel (Mengel Landtechnik & Brunnenbau GmbH), Lara Wilke (Wacken Foundation) - vorne links: Sabine Löper (Kita Sternfänger Wacken) - vor dem Bild: Enno Heymann (Wacken Foundation) - vorne rechts: Anja Bubbers (Kindergarten Storchennest Vaale)