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Created by Wacken-Martin

Festival ABC - confiscate things / Security

Dear Metalheads,


here´s a detailed summary of the parts which the Security had to confiscate. The following objects must be confiscated by our Security at the entrance to the festival area:


1. Knifes, scewdriver and things like that

2. All kind of glasses (also eau de toilette)

3. Bottles and cans made of plastic (attention: WOA-Festival cups are allowed. We´ve got them in sizes from 0,3 till 1 liter!)

4. All kinds of cups (drinks, hair spray, deodorant , and so on)

5. toxic gases and so on

6. Video cameras (attention: photo cameras are allowed!)

7. Walkman, cassette recorder and so on

8. Riveting bracelets, riveting collar and riveting belts (longer than 1,5cm = killer rivets)

9. Chain (bike and motobike chains or something like that

(attention: chains for the purse and belts are allowed)

10. Flags bar (attention: the W:O:A flags are allowed!)

11. All kind of pyros are not allowed

12. PET bottles


Foods and drinks in tetra packs up to 2 liters are allowed!!! No alcoholic drinks are allowed!




If you´ve got more questions, please contact out office. Phone: +49 (0) 4827 - 998 311


All our Scuritys (MetalGuard) and also our Stewards have numbers, so we are able to identify them.


Your W:O:A Team