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Created by Wacken-Helge

Festival visitors with Handicaps

Dear Metalheads!


This year there will be no specially-marked areas for the handicapped at the campgrounds as in previous years. We have made this decision because the handicapped area was used by people cho were not a part of this target group.


We will now offer the following service:


All handicapped persons must register in advance with the organizers and will receive written permission (passport/ID)allowing them to camp on a specially-designated campground (campground B for example). This campground will include all special services necessary for the handicapped (for example special toilets, paths and close to the festival area & medics)


For this we need the following info:


- name, surname, address


- Copy of your Handicap ID ( handicap level: minimum 50% )


- Number and names of companions. ( max. 1 accompanying person per Handicapped visitor)


- quantity / license number of your vehicles


Because this is a written application, we will be in the position to better define this area and can adapt it according to your needs and the space requirements for 2008.


Additionally, we have 2 wheel chair platforms at the FOH´s in front of the stages.


Festival visitors, who have to store medication or need any other help -

Please contact sahnwaldt@foni.net


We think that these measures are to your advantage and hope it helps you to enjoy your visit to W:O:A.



W:O:A Team