GRAVE DIGGER 30th anniversary at Wacken Open Air 2010 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Arne

GRAVE DIGGER 30th anniversary at Wacken Open Air 2010

When Grave Digger was founded in Gladbeck in 1980 nobody knew how defining this band would become for the international heavy metal scene. 30 years later a band would play at Wacken that never forgot its references: its heavy metal fans. This is one of the most important reasons this band overcame 30 years of music history.


In 1996 GRAVE DIGGER published their 7th album called “TUNES OF WAR”, themed on the history of Scotland and the fights between the Celtics and the Englishmen up to the Jacobin insurgencies in the 18th century. The album is the first conceptual album of Grave Digger’s Middle Age Trilogy that also contains “Knights Of The Cross” and “Excalibur”.


The album hit #84 in the German charts. Music videos of “Rebellion” and “The Dark Of The Sun” were shot. The Scottish Cavanaugh-Clan appointed the band to be honorary members due to “Tunes Of War”.


“Tunes Of War” was the most successful album of the band so far. For this reason Grave Digger will play the whole album live. To improve the visual effects the band invited some illustrious guests with the 20-headed Baul Muluy Pipes & Drums Band from Hamburg leading the way. The legendary metal queen DORO PESCH, BLING GUARDIAN lead singer HANSI KÜRSCH and also the metal a capella ensemble VAN CANTO, which recently enhanced the hit “Rebellion” will support Grave Digger on this great show, too. Further guests are in the works. There will be a special elaborate and ingenious stage draft with an extraordinary pyro show.


This will be the first and final time Grave Digger will play the whole “Tunes Of War” album live. Of course the band will also present you their greatest hits such as “Ballad Of A Hangman”, “Heavy Metal Breakdown” or “Excalibur” at the end of their big show.