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Created by WackenHelge

Hamburg Metal Dayz - The Kandidate replace Drone

Hi Metalheads!


Just a few more weeks until the 1st Hamburg Metal Dayz will take place. We’re still working hard on the planning. In the very near future we’ll present you the complete schedule.


There had been two changes in the lineup:


Due to organizational reasons Drone were forced to cancel their show. They are replaced by Danish Thrash Metal band THE KANDIDATE with Jacob Bredahl (Ex-Hatesphere) on vocals.


As the European tour of Kill Devil Hill got canceled, these guys aren’t really very close by. The replacement for them will be booked soon. The actual support band of the tour was Audrey Horne; their show will take place!


There’s a small change for the Workshops, too:

Drummer Jörg Michael brings along his Devil’s Train colleague Jari Kainulainen. So the drum workshop becomes a Bass & Drum-Workshop with Jari Kainulainen & Jörg Michael


Besides their finesses on their instruments the two veterans can demonstrate the immense important teamwork of a very good rhythm group. Also the coolest parts of Stratovarius and Devil’s Train can be explained to you.


One day tickets will each cost 23€- There is also a limited amount of 2-Day tickets (Fr/Sa) for 39,50€ and 3-Day tickets (Thursday-Saturday) for 52,70€ available.


All tickets are available at

Ticket-Hotline: +49 (0) 4627 - 18 38 38.



The heaviest event at the Reeperbahn Festival: 3 days of concerts, Meet&Greets, Workshops, expert roundtables and more!



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