Heavy garbage-„management“ – METAL 4 NATURE! | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Helge

Heavy garbage-„management“ – METAL 4 NATURE!

An effort in the name of the environment is a crucial aspect and will be emphasized at W:O:A. By conducting various projects we intend to reduce the waste of 70.000 metal fans and dispose of the garbage separately. In association with the TU-Berlin and Ecocontrolling company we have already charted the particularly critical areas across the entire festival terrain. Based on a comprehensive waste survey we are able to measure results of the individual sanctions. In addition to that and in association with Natural American Spirit we will present an innovative package comprising a few projects which are supposed to raise an evironmental awareness. Out of respect for the environment make a contribution and dispose of the trash you have created.


- Owing to a mutual effort involving all parties we have been able to reduce the waste emergence for the greatest extent.


- This is an appeal to develop an environmentally friendly behaviour: We urge you to leave nature behind like you want to encounter and find it yourself


- Trash-bags, made of reclaimed rubber will be provided


- Places to dispose of waste will be established close to footpaths. “Garbage rangers” will accept full trash-bags and additionally separate garbage according to individual recyclable material.


- Places for glass disposal are located next to the entrance in the stage area


- 10% of the festival area will be transformed into “clean-zones” and are supposed to be kept clean with your coorperation. Our aim is to motivate people to participate and to dispose their garbage at the existing disposal stations.Parts of trash will be sorted on the spot.


- Altogether we expect considerable residual waste reduction and we will be able to minimize the cleaning effort. Subsequently, the area can be used for agricutural purposes once things are back to normal in “Wacken”.



W:O:A Team