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Created by WackenHelge

Holy Wacken Land & Camping Site Maps are online

Today we have uploaded the new area maps for Wacken 2011.

These are subdivided into Holy Wacken Land and Camping Site map.


As it´s name implies the Camping Site map shows you an overview about the whole area including all camping sites.

Furthermore it gives info about all the kinds of camping areas (for example camping only, handicapped and so on) as well as locations

of supermarkets, shower camps, garbage bases and all other important positions beyond the festival area.


The Holy Wacken Land map deals with detailed information about the festival area which is trisected into Wacken Center, Wacken Plaza and Infield like the year before.

Besides well known attractions there are also some new spots of interest for you like new huger Bullhead City Tent (more as the double size of the year before!), the new Relentless tent and much more specials we will elaborate in detail later.


The plans can be downloaded as pdf data in our info cornerMAPS


We have also done a little update at the OPENING HOURS. So take a look!