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Created by WackenHelge

Ihsan raffle - the right answer

A few weeks ago we gave you the following question on the occasion of our Ihsan raffle:


With which successful Black Metal band did Ihsahn play a show at Wacken as a lead singer the last time?


The answer was "Emperor"


The Prices were each:

3 x Limited Edition CD+DVD "After"

3 x CD Jewelcase “After”


The following paticipants have won one the albums:

Inge W. - Börtlingen

Mario J. - Barmstedt

Marius J. - Geithus (Norway)

Jannes B. - Moormerland

Simon T. - Linköping(Sweden)

Daniel P. - Neuchatel (Switzerland)


We wish all winners a lot of fun with their prices!



W:O:A team