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Important message from the traffic management

Thanks for your co-operation during the journey - many of you followed our request to arrive later! Now we would like to give some practical hints for your departure in preparation:


- Only drive alert and completely sober. There will be police checks around Wacken.


- Choose, if possible, a departure time out of the peak hours - we suggest the early morning hours of the Sunday before main traffic begins.


- Drive around, not through, muddy spots on the ground. If you see notable tire marks in front of your car, please drive off-centre to avoid sinking in these marks.


• Towing service for your departure on Sunday - Due to the current weather situation and the consistence of the camping areas we provide you with 15 towing service tractors from Sunday, 7am. This service is payed by the promoter and free for you!!! The towing service tractors have official W:O:A production signs at the front and rear window. Those drivers will have letters with them which you have to sign. Therewith you state that the driver will not be liable for potential damages at your car. If any driver asks you to pay money, please promptly report those drivers to the W:O:A Info Office under the following phone number: 0049 – (0) 46 27 / 998 599.


- Follow the instructions given by the stewards, traffic control and police - they know best how to help you get to the main roads. We use the A7 and A23 for the departure. To avoid traffic jam we are dependent on sending you on different motorways so please follow the instructions of the traffic signs and activate your navigation system at the earliest on the motorway!


- Should you be supposed to get picked up, please tell your drivers it's not possible to drive onto the camping ground. Please use the marked Kiss N Ride Spots (Mühlenweg, Wacken and Dorfstraße, Gribbohm).


Should you travel by bus, shuttle bus & train or taxi:

* Shuttle buses leave for Itzehoe regularly from Saturday to Sunday afternoon (14:00 / 2 pm last ride).

* For the shuttle bus have your ticket ready to show.

* At the exit of Camping A please look out for the signs: left to the shuttle, right to the Buses and taxis.

* Pay attention to the announcements and Video Wall at the bus stop - there may be significant changes!

* Arrange enough extra time for your way back.

* Bus tickets to Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen and Lübeck can be bought Saturday from 12:00 to 15:00 (3 pm) at our Bus Stop.

* Please use official Wacken-Taxi only - look out for green and yellow Wacken sticker on windshield - and ask for the officially fixed base fees as publicized (blue info sticker inside of taxi).


Arrive home well and safe!


Your Wacken Open Air traffic team