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Created by Wacken-Helge


Dear Metalheads,


gangs of thieves are currently sneaking about on the different festivalgrounds (pickpocketing, dismanteling of tents).


For the sake of security and to prevent such incidents we strongly recommend to put ALL of your valuables and things that are very important to you into the neck pouches included in the W:O:A FULL METAL BAG (take a look at the picture) or into any other bag that you always carry with you. The best solution is to put the stuff into your car or to lock it up in the LOCKER-TRUCK!


Unfortunately there are always gangs of thieves who steal foreign property from other tents as well, as the past has shown.


You should continue to obey the following rules of behavior:

- let others know

- ask for help

- offer help to the victim

- report this crime immediately to the police in the W:O:A-Camp (M-29)

- try to remember all details

- stand up as a witness

- place a block on all your bank- and credit cards.


It was our pleasure to help you.



Wacken team