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Information and statement about the reservation area for people with physical disabilities

Because of the confusion in terms of the camping-area for person with physical disabilities this year and the following arrangements, we would like to issue a statement and clear up some circumstances.


Generally the Wacken Open Air is always interested in the best possible service for our guest and to optimize the service. Previously we gave intensive thoughts how we can provide a barrier-free participation for person with physical disabilities at the festival - a barrier-free participation best possible at a festival. At the same time our concern was to get the maximum integration in the festival. No social exclusion of people with physical disabilities or a preferential treatment proportional other guest.

That is why we decided also in 2011 to make an area for fans with physical disabilities and to provide them short ways to the festival ground. We are convinced that the destined area was ideal.


The crush barrier around this area was only for the arrival to make sure people dependent on this area can reserve it. No time the blockade should serve as a locked formation of an extra area for people with physical disabilities. Generally this would disagree with our integration thoughts of the Metal-community and of the Wacken Open Air. Because of that the crush barrier was removed after the arrival.


Furthermore there were confusions about people, who are dependent on a permanent supervision (sign B in handicapped ID), get access free of charge for their assistant on the ground, but not every person with a handicapped ID. We need to emphasize the courtesy of the Wacken Open Air. There are no legal obligations. Additionally a sign that the Wacken Open Air is interested in Metalheads with intense physical disabilities, who need a permanent supervision, and to offer a participation for their assistant without any extra costs.


In terms of the sanitary facilities for person with physical disabilities we are aware that the situation was not optimal resolved. For this reason we decided to connect the sanitary facilities of the person with physical disabilities with the Shower camp S2. Thereby we can regulate the access and afford best possible service.


Finally we would like to respond to the afflictions, that people with physical disabilities feel discriminated, because the Wacken Open Air has established criteria required for camping on the reserved grounds.

The Wacken Open Air makes no differences with different disabilities or classes. Every participant of the festival is a guest. But especially these reserved areas for people with physical disabilities should allow people with heavy disabilities to get most barrier-free access as possible. In the first instance these are people with reservations in movement (e.g. people, who need wheel chairs). In the forefront of the Wacken Open Air there is just the possibility to check these criteria on the basis of the handicapped ID.



Last but not least we would like to inform you about the changes, which will be discussed for W:O:A 2012:


1. No special camping ground for person with physical disabilities but complete integration on the entire camp grounds. Therefore each sanitary station will be equipped not only with the toilets for people with physical disabilities, but also with accessible showers.

2. A designated area for person with physical disabilities underneath the Jägermeister-Tower with bleachers and a video wall for a better view on all three main stages.


Any ideas on how the integration of person with physical disabilities can be improved further are greatly appreciated.


Your W:O:A Team!