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Innovations and Information regarding camping for persons with handicap

Back in October we already gave a statement regarding the situation of the campground for handicapped people.


We want to thank all of you people who supported us with their opinions, ideas and hints In advance!


Basically Wacken Open Air is always interested into the optimization of the service for our audience with the goal to offer the best possible service. So we have worried a lot about how to grant an almost barrier-free festival experience for visitors with handicap. That means as barrier-free as a festival event allows it. Our intention is to grant the highest possible integration and inclusion into the festival. That means no separation for people with handicaps or a special treatment to every other festival visitor – in accordance with the integration idea of the metal community and the Wacken Open Air. This is also in line with the tenor of feedback we received from you after W:O:A 2011 and in the course of the last months.


So now we want to inform you about the innovations for W:O:A 2012:


- There will be again a reserved Campground in close distance to the festival area for all people with a B (or it´s pendant from other countries) in their handicapped ID - that means the ID that makes clear this person is dependent to an accompanying person. Wacken Open Air makes no difference between various handicaps or classes. But especially this area shall make a almost barrier-free stay at the festival possible. Above all we speak about people with significant restrictions in their possibilities of moving (for example people depending on a wheelchair). Beforehand the only option left to the Wacken Open Air is to check this by taking reference of the information of the handicapped ID


- A personalized reservation will NOT occur


- If you want to use this service just get in contact with the stewards on the entrance to the camping area. They will accordingly guide your way to the handicapped area.


- It is possible to take a maximum of 4 other persons with you on the campground. Due to organizational reasons your friends have to travel and arrive together with you. A later arrival is definitely not possible.


- We also grant a sufficient range of sanitary facilities like toilets and shower cabins at our sanitary camps for handicapped people who do not want to utilize the separated camping ground and wish a complete integration/ inclusion into the festival. The key will be handed out at the pay booth on presenting the handicapped ID to the personal. As a result people are no more dependent on a separated campground.


- For the first time there will be a tribune for guests with handicap on the festival forecourt. This tribune grants a perfect sight on all of the 3 main stages of the infield. It will be also is equipped with monitors which broadcast the whole concerts.


- Additionally we will install disability-friendly toilets between the main entrance and the party stage entrance on the festival infield.


- Also there will be an additional handicapped tribune inside of the Bullhead City Circus.


We hope that we can reach a highest possible barrier-free event characterized by integration and inclusion to all people visiting the festival.

We are looking forward to welcome you again in August when it´s said again:




See you in Wacken Metalheads – rain or shine