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KOTIPELTO is back!!!

Album ?Coldness? (April 26th 04) / CD Single ?Reasons? (March 22nd 04)


On April 26th, 2004, two years after his absolutely overwhelming first solo-album ?Waiting For The Dawn?, famous vocalist Timo KOTIPELTO presents his second, highly anticipated release ?Coldness?. After the surprising split with his long-standing companions of Stratovarius (with whom he is still performing some more European festival shows these coming months), this sophomore record brilliantly shows the vast diversity of his songwriting abilities and vocal skills. ?Coldness? was recorded by Janne Wirman in the Beyond Abilities Studios as well as by Tero Kostermaa in the High and Loud?s ELK Studios and the famous Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, where also the mixing (Mikko Karmila) and the mastering (Mika Jussila) was done. Matthias Norén, also known from his works for bands like Into Eternity, Lost Horizon and Evergrey, delivered artwork which perfectly fits to the atmosphere of the album. Additionally the album will contain the video-clip for the song ?Reasons? and a ?Making Of? for the video-shoot and the album's studio-recordings as nice enhancements. Advanced to the release of "Coldness", the CD-Single ?Reasons? will street in Europe on March 22nd, offering finest Hard Rock with catchy hooklines on its title track and in addition the songs ?Seeds Of Sorrow? (album version) as well as the non-album bonus ?Vizier? (extended version of a track originally featured on KOTIPELTO's debut "Waiting For The Dawn").


KOTIPELTO will perform at Wacken Open Air 2004 - Look out for a bombastic show! www.wacken.com


KOTIPELTO - "Coldness" CD:

Line Up:

Timo Kotipelto - Vocals

Janne Wirman (Children Of Bodom / Warmen) - Keyboards

Jari Kainulainen (Stratovarius) - Bass

Juhani Malmberg (Tunnelvision) ? Guitars

Mike Romeo (Symphony X) - Guitars

Mirka Rantanen (Thunderstone / Tunnelvision / Warmen) - Drums


Track Listing:

1. Seeds Of Sorrow (4:08)

2. Reasons (3:47)

3. Around (5 :23)

4. Can You Hear The Sound (3:21)

5. Snowbound (4:34)

6. Journey Back (3:40)

7. Evening´s Fall (3:56)

8. Coldness Of My Mind (3:37)

9. Take Me Away (3:31)

10. Here We Are (6:23)