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Created by Wacken-Helge

LEAVES’ EYES – Latest news and galleries of WACKEN online!

LEAVES’ EYES played a great show at this year’s Wacken Open Air! Liv just returned back from Norway and has some words from LEAVES’ EYES for you:


“Hopefully many of you had the chance to visit Wacken Open Air this summer! Playing in front of around 65.000 people was truly amazing. The whole concert was like one magic moment, moreover, we had brought along our Viking ship which is something we do only at very special events. It was just a pity that you couldn’t see all of the great visual effects of the show, because the sun was still shining at 8 pm and it was not dark enough. We brought a lot of extra lights and FX gear including a big projection screen and animations to each of the songs. Our crew prepared everything one day before and worked until 6 am in the morning. As always they did an outstanding job ("no sleep until the ship is ready on stage") to make this dream come true. I have no words to express how grateful we all are towards our crew, the Wacken organisators and towards everybody else helping the band in any way. A big thank you to the audience, to all the fans who came to Wacken to support us and travelled a long way to see us. Thanks also to drummer Alex Holzwarth for helping us out at the show. The recordings of our third full-length album are almost completed as well. It's such a wonderful thing to work in our own amazing newly built Mastersound Studio. However, in the middle of everything happening I decided to travel back home to Norway with my family to gather more information and inspiration for future concepts and lyrics. We spent many days by the sea and travelled through the fjords and up into the mountains. I will surely give some of these experiences and images back to you on our next album.”


Here you can find some impressions of the WACKEN show:


Wacken 2008 Gallerie 1

Wacken 2008 Gallerie 2

Wacken 2008 Gallerie 3

Wacken 2008 Gallerie 4


Or just go to the LEAVES' EYES myspace site.