Madness! W:O:A 2011 draws near Sold Out! | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenHelge

Madness! W:O:A 2011 draws near Sold Out!

After the holidays and band announcements during the last weeks there are more than 55.000 tickets sold for W:O:A 2011. And the run for the tickets still goes on! Thanx for your amazing support metalheads! One thing is for sure: Fans and loyality are the heart of the festival!


The ones who want to get a ticket for W:O:A 2011 with probably the best Wacken line-up ever should hurry.


At this point another important information!!!

As always the official W:O:A-tickets are available at the regular retail price on Only there you get the official original tickets securely and quick.


Unfortunately we have to notice, that our tickets are resold on the internet at raised prices. Those retailers gain tickets at the official price and sell the tickets against prepayment at a raised price, although the commercial trade with our tickets is forbidden.

Nevertheless it is often difficult to proceed against resellers, if they (officially) have their place of business overseas and the origin of the ticket is open. Some Fans have told us, that in the end they have waited for their tickets in vain.

Therefore: Please don’t risk disappointment and buy the W:O:A tickets only on


We hope that this is of any help to you.


See you in Wacken – Rain or Shine