New Eat The Gun album was released today! | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenJasper

New Eat The Gun album was released today!

The hard rock combo Eat The Gun has just released their newest album Stripped to the Bone! And yes, you can take the name literally, the production of the album was limited to a minimum and the songs are more honest and straigther than ever before.


Until now, every new album was a boost for the young band and by now they can look back to hundred of shows - including the Wacken Open Air. And also the fourth album will be a strike for sure!


The tracklist of Stripped to the Bone:

At The End Of The Day

Loner (first single, listen to it here!)

Wake Me Up


Apocalyptic Blues

Bad Memories

Made Of Stone

Won`t Let You Down

Hot Blood

Small Dose Of Death


You can order the album online, for example at - or you could also just go to your local music dealer.