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New Metal-Battle finalists from Japan, Sweden & France

Today we are happy to introduce you to 3 new participants of this years international Metal-Battle finals.


Mysterious Priestess were founded in 2010 in Japan and were originally influenced by Nordic melodic death metal. This changed in the course of the bands evolution and elements of progressive-/jazz and fusion sounds were added. The lyrical inspiration comes from Japanese mythology. In December 2012 they released their debut album "Agency of Fate" which was critically acclaimed in Japan. Now the band is ready to conquer also the rest of the world with their unique sound.


Check out their first music video:

<iframe width="350" height="213" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Vengha are coming from Skaraborg in Sweden and were founded in July 2012. Although the band is very young they have already planned big things and with the victory at the Meta-Battle finals in Sweden they managed to get a bit closer. Besides this year´s appearance at the international Metal-Battle finals in Wacken the bands focus lies on their debut album which is still in progress.

Get ready for a straight forward metal injection!


Here is a nice clip directly from one of Vengha´s jam sessions:

<iframe width="350" height="213" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Karma Zero is the name of the French Metal-Battle finalist and they already gained a lot of fame in their home country. Founded in 2008 the band already played at Hellfest in 2009. In the following year they published their first EP which´s success allowed them to support genre legends like Sepultura, Madball or also Dagoba. In 2012 they released the highly anticipated debut album "Architecture of Lies" which was produced in co-operation with Stephane Buriez (Behemoth... ) at the E-factory Studio and mixed and mastered by Damien Bolo at the Spectrum Studio. Beside several live shows they will appear for the second time at Hellfest and complete their live journey at this year´s Metal-Battle finals in Wacken which also marks their first international live appearance.


Check out Karma Zero´s first music video "Next Time":


<iframe width="350" height="213" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Congratulations to all bands! We are looking forward to see you live on stage at the Metal-Battle finals!