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News regarding campground reservation in 2012.

After receiving a lot of e-mails and comments from people who want the group reservations to stay we´ve engaged a dialogue with a lot of contact persons from established groups of the past years. So now we have decided to continue the group reservations together with you! But This will happen provisionally in restricted form. An active collaboration of all participating groups is absolutely necessary.


Certainly we also want to hear your opinions and ask you to give feedback on this issue via Facebook and in our Wacken-Forum


This year´s group reservation is planned as follows in the text below which was send by mail to all former participants of the last year:


Restricted group reservations 2012

In the last days, we got a large number of emails, comments and also mails about the group reservations. We recognized that you want the group reservations to stay and how import this free offer is for many fans. Because of this and despite the problems of the last years, we decided to make them possible in 2012 again – together with you! That means that we want to involve the contact persons of the groups much more in the organization and they also have to take more responsibility for their groups. We don’t want to realize the often received idea of taking money for the reservations. We don’t want to defray costs, but to offer you a great service!


We also know that most groups haven’t made any problems; the most signed in camps were commendable and compliant to the rules. The addressed abuses should be avoided in the future through a better communication between fans, stewards and organizers. To make this possible, we want to involve you in the organization of the reserved campgrounds and also be more present by ourselves. Unfortunately we have to reduce the amount of camps and the size of the campground to guarantee a proper procedure. The selection of camps isn’t driven by the first come first serve principle; we will first offer it to the camps which also reserved campgrounds in the past years. If there are more applications than we can offer ground for, we have to draw lots for it. Further details about application and selection will be released soon.

The new concept provides that the contact person of every group has to arrive already on Tuesday; otherwise the reservation of the whole group will be forfeited. This contact person gets all the necessary information from us and will participate in splitting and marking down the reserved areas. Also the contact person has to be on site on Wednesday for the whole reservation time (08:00 am to 08:00 pm) and even longer to avoid problems when the free space will be filled with non-reserving metalheads. Together with the stewards and organizers he coordinates the arrival and setup of his camp and is responsible for any acts of his group.


Until the whole camp left the festival, the contact person is responsible for this group. When the group hurts the house rules he is also in charge. But we know that nobody can or want to control a whole group twenty-four-seven and this isn’t required of course.


Again the reservation is only valid on Wednesday and in the time between 08:00 am and 08:00 pm! You definitely can NOT arrive before this time. And after 08:00 pm the remaining free spaces will be filled with guests without reservation too, also inside the camps if there is free space left. Keeping space free is not possible after this deadline, due to logistical reasons! That means that the whole group has to be arrived until 08:00 PM at Wednesday. Especially the filling of free spaces after this deadline has caused problems in the last years. All enlisted persons have to be aware of the fact that the filling will happen! And we expect that this will be accepted without any complaints!


This new concept is a trial to save the group reservations together with you. If this isn’t working proper, the final termination of this service must be considered again!!!


In short this means:

• The reservations will be offered again

• The amount of camps and the size of the area will be reduced

• Camps which involve very good and restrain commendable this year will be preferred next year in the application process

• Established camps will be preferred at the application

• The contact persons have to arrive on Tuesday, otherwise the reservation will be forfeited

• The contact person helps on Tuesday to split and mark down the reserved areas

• The arrival is only possible on Wednesday between 08:00 am and 08:00 pm. After this, free spaces will be filled regularly.

• The contact person is responsible for the group actions while the festival is happening.

Please tell us what you think about the new concept and if you want to make it coming real with us.


We hope that we served you well with this.

Your W:O:A team


IMPORTANT: Detailed Information about the final course of events will follow soon!