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Created by WackenHelge

Security notice about Wacken 2010

Dear metalheads,

As every year we have summed up all important security notices:



Violence - We don’t want any kind of violence at the W:O:A! In case of damage at the fencing, the marquees and tents, or any other equipment of the organizer or other institutions, which support the festival, the person(s) in charge will be send off the festival and camping ground and a criminal prosecution will occur also in case of using pyrotechnical objects.

We want a wicked, peaceful Metal week, just like the years before!


Open Fire / campfire / pyro is not allowed on the whole camping and festival area. Any violation will be avenged with a sending-off.


Glas bottles - Due to security and enviromental reasons, it is not allowed to bring glass - especially glass bottles - to the parking and camping area this year. You are allowed to bring as many plastic bottles and beverage cans as you want.


Thank you for your understanding.


Otherwise – as alway in Wacken – no limits.

Please tournout on PET-, plastic bottle and cans.

Important!: Only allowed at the campgrounds not at the festival area!



Following goods have to be confiscated, respectively can be enclosed with costs in the locker trucks (only on the new event area at the medieval market; not on the camping parking area!):


1. Knifes and anything similar to a knife (nail files, screw driver, combs with stem, knuckleduster, as well as drinking horns)


2. Any objects made out of glass (including perfume bottles)


3. Plastic bottles and canisters (Attention: Original W:O:A- beakers are allowed; they are available in sizes from 0,3 l to 1l)


4. Any king of cans (beverage can, hairspray, deodorant, etc)


5. Pepper spray, tear gas, nerve gas


6. Video cameras (Attention: Any kind of photo cameras and digital cameras are allowed!)


7. Walkman, cassette deck etc.


8. Studded wristbands, studded necklace and belts with sticking out spikes, longer than 1,5 cm


9. Chains (bicycle or motorbike chains etc.- Attention: wallet chains are allowed!) Projectile belts are not allowed!


10. Sitboxes, Flagpoles and sticks are not allowed (Attention: Official W:O:A flags with poles are allowed!)


11. Any kind of pyrotechnical goods. These are also not allowed on the camping ground!!! Just like in the rest of Germany at any time except New Years Eve! In case of contravention, the person(s) in charge will be send off the festival and camping ground.

12. Bottles with refundable deposit

13. Ammo Belts

14. Vuvuzelas, Megaphones etc.


Food and Tetrapaks until 1,0l with non- alcoholic liquidness are allowed!!!


Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that you are going to be a peaceful and friendly audience, seriously. In case of any conflict please refer to the responsible group leader or on-scene commander (red shirt), respectively the headsecurity (blue shirt).


Fur further information please read the festival alphabet



W:O:A team & IH – Security (Metal Guards)