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Created by Wacken-Martin

The billing is complete - last band confirmed!!

CRYPTIC WINTERMOON are confirmed and the billing is complete now!!




CRYPTIC WINTERMOON were established in 1993 already by previous members of the band Black Prophecies, in Feilizsch, Germany. Following diverse line-up changes the first demo ?Voyage dans la lune? was completed in 1995. Afterwards singer/keyboarder Ronny Dörfler decided to concentrate on vocals and female keyboarder Andrea Walter joined the band.


In March 1997 the band recorded their first Mini-CD ?Cryptic Wintermoon?, followed by a split 7?EP with Lord Astaroth. In December 1998 the band signed a record deal with Ars Metalli and released their debut album ?The Age of Cataclysm?. The album received excellent reviews in the metal press (a.o. 9/10 Pkt. Rock Hard, 10/12 Pkt. Heavy oder Was?) and the band was called the biggest young German black metal hopefuls. The label was too small to help the band any further so the band left the label and recorded a new 5-track Promo CD. Massacre Records signed those talented newcomers and the recordings for the second album ?A Coming Storm? could begin. The second and new album ?A Coming Storm? sounds faster and more agressive than their debut, although band-typical trademarks like bombastic keys and chorals still have a large part in CRYPTIC WINTERMOON?s sound. Meanwhile Gary Kietz was recruited as new bassist and with this best and most experienced line-up in the band history, the six-piece have all chances! ?A Coming Storm? offers ice-cold nordic blasts but also bombastic, almost gothic-song structures. With their new album CRYPTIC WINTERMOON prove, why they are named as one of the biggest German extreme metal hopefuls.