THE COUNTDOWN RUNS - HAMMER presents: W:O:A ROADSHOW | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Martin


THE COUNTDOWN RUNS - HAMMER presents: W:O:A ROADSHOW - Wacken comes to your town !


feat. ONKEL TOM Angelripper & Band + Amon Amarth + Mob Rules

+ special guest: LORDI


14.04.03 - Hamburg - Markthalle

15.04.03 - Kassel - Musiktheater

16.04.03 - Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik

17.04.03 - Pratteln - Z7

18.04.03 - Innsbruck - Hafen

19.04.03 - Wien - Planet Music

20.04.03 - Salzburg - Rockhouse

21.04.03 - München - Metropolis

22.04.03 - Nürnberg - Hirsch

23.04.03 - Bochum - Zeche

24.04.03 - Hannover - Faust

25.04.03 - Osnabrück - Works


All Heavy Metal-Gods and Metal-devils would have to form an alliance with each other to bring the W:O:A Roadshow to a failure. But this will not be the case because all these gods have the task to bring the music to the folk.


The Wacken Open Air is grown to a successful institution. Why should it not function in smaller version? Finally, they could confirm with Tom Angelripper one of the great Heavy Metal-and Wacken-protagonists.


The nocturnal scenes of Angelripper alias Uncle Tom are definitely cult every year. Full Metal-alert in combination with cheerfulness and the ability to hold the beer. Certainly, it´s politically, socially and in taste completely incorrectly but this is the reason why the people have so much enjoyment. With Amon Amarth, Mob Rules and Lordi other heavy metal bands are also there so nothing can go wrong. The Finns Lordi are ready to become big with their monster-image and metal. Maybe the last chance to see the Heavy Metal-monsters Lordi and Uncle Tom together in a rather smaller hall.

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