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Created by WackenHelge

The new W.E.T and Headbanger´s Stage – Something big is coming up!

Something big appears on the horizon!


During the last year we thought a lot about improving the stage situation and took all the positive critics and ideas which have been forwarded to us by you.


Certainly you have noticed about the Headbanger´s Stage by sighting the provisional running order. We´ll we think now it´s time to release this secret for you


From this year on there will be a new, much bigger Bullhead City Tent – BULLHEAD CITY CIRCUS!


We talk about an 8 pylon pagoda tent - with an area of roundabout 6350m², one of the biggest mobile tents worldwide.

With a size of 110 meters length and 60 meters width this titan of a tent will from now on be from the new home of the newly established Headbanger´s Stage as well as our well known W.E.T. Stage. Both stages are standing side by side (see graphic on the right) – only separated by the wrestling ring in the center – and will be played alternate. So there will be no intersections between these 2 stages.


Now we can give the artists playing on these stages an area for presentation that we aspired for a long time and which they deserve.

Sound intersections with the main stages also shouldn´t be expected anymore.


Now sadly to say we have to take leave from our good old Headbanger´s Ballroom Tent which is going into its well deserved retirement. With this action we answer the calls of the people who wanted more space in front of the W.E.T. Stage.

Further advantages are: More space in front of the stage, no more mud/dust landscape, no more crowding and lines of people waiting at the entrance, which sadly caused a lot of problems especially on Wednesday and Thursday in the past and last but not least the better acclimation caused by the height of the new tent – that means no stuffy air anymore.


Oil catching and Miss Wet T-Shirt contest belong to the past. Besides specials like Spoken Word, Air Guitar Contest and our good old Wrestling show now the music inside the Bullhead City Circus get´s the major priority.


The position has also changed: The Bullhead City Circus is no more on the Wacken Plaza but on a newly acquired area at campground C.

An additional result of the missing of the old Headbanger´s Tent will be that all concentration on the Infield goes to Black-, True - and Party Stage as well as there will be more space for the audience in front of the stages. The path´s between Bullhead City Circus and Infield will remain short.


For all those who can´t imagine such a big tent, maybe this presentation video could do a little help:


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Also a bit of the new inner life of the Bullhead City Circus shall be revealed to you now – THE ALCHEMY BAR:


<iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="384" src=""></iframe>
The Alchemy Barvon maja_explosiv


We hope that we have served you well with this and are looking forward to your reactions and critics after the festival!