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Created by WackenHelge

Thrash Of The Titans - Last Artists confirmed

Today we go on with the Thrash Of The Titans Field!

With the confirmation of today's artists we introduce you to the last artists which complete the Thrash Of The Titans Line-Up. Here they are:


TNT Tom & Paka

2 further pyro / metal construction artists are TNT Tom and Paka. TNT Tom specialized himself on vehicles like buggies, traktors and pyro shows on festivals. Also the artist Paka will be there with his flame throwing robot horse.


Here is a video of Pakas show:

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Maja Explosiv

Under direction and in co-operation with Henry Hot the metal sculpturing artists of Maja Explosive (which also have created the Alchemy Bar in the Bullhead City Circus) will create a futuristic sci-fi landscape. The audience at Wacken Open Air will also be able to experience the building of some objects live on spot


A detailed show schedule will follow soon!


All further info can be found HERE



W:O:A team