Wacken Foundation Camp at W:O:A 2012 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenHelge

Wacken Foundation Camp at W:O:A 2012

For the first time at this year’s Wacken Open Air there will be an own section for the Wacken Foundation, in which people will be informed about purposes and aims of the Foundation and where several offers can be perceived.


At the W:O:Art tent you can have a look at the work of comic illustrators Tim Eckhorst and Kim Schmidt and the painter Jens Rusch. The “Gestalten publishing company” from Berlin displays the photographs by Jörg Brüggemann from the picture book “Metalheads” at the Wacken Open Air. Because we are located at a Heavy Metal Festival, there shouldn’t be missing the music. A Rocksmith console is going to create the right atmosphere in the W:O:Art tent! Here you can show on a real guitar how to play the riffs of the metal world.


Besides the Art tent, at Wacken Foundation Camp there will also be an Info-Point of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS).


How once the festival accomodation possibilities might look like, shows a so-called SleepingCan. Looking like an oversized beer can, it contains of two small rooms, a living room and a bedroom. The required energy for possible ultimate consumers comes from solar panels on the roof.


In this year, Wacken Foundation offers its office container for the campaign Metal 4 Nature, which will be provided with solar energy, similar to the Sleeping Can. Therefore it is independent from the energy grid. The test should show, if renewable energy sources can be used on major events.


The Foundation itself places an Info-Point next to all exhibitors. Here, every visitor has the opportunity to ask about purposes and aims of the Foundation, who has been supported, how donations are used and which project have been promoted already.


Funds for the Wacken Foundation will also be collected by pole-sitting and goal wall shooting. Both campaigns are situated near by the Foundation Camp and offer you the opportunities to win material prizes or VIP-Upgrades.